5mbs podcast listens pass the 1000 mark

5mbs podcast listens pass the 1000 mark

Since our new era of making programs available to listen to later using podcast host, Podbean, the number of 5mbs podcast listens has passed the 1000 mark.

And as you can see in the image, above, while most of our listeners are here in Australia, we have a growing audience in America, and the United Kingdom.

Our trial of the new process of sharing aired programs using Podbean began quietly in early March 2022, with station stalwart John Ingham making some innovative changes to the technical settings to make the new approach possible.

After some rounds of trial and improvement, John had a new system in place to capture and share programs at a higher sound quality than was previously possible.

The new podcast hosting partner, Podbean, was soon filling with programs and, most importantly, distributing them across the World Wide Web into podcast apps on almost all smartphones on the planet.

Recently, new volunteer, Lee Hopkins, has joined John in making sure the publication process happens smoothly.

Podcasting means 5mbs can cater to your needs on demand

As word has spread about the podcasted programs being available on the website as well as in your preferred podcast app, numbers of downloads have risen.

This approach to listening is called “time shifting”, meaning if 5mbs is currently airing a jazz program but you’d prefer to listen to a classical program, you can dial up a classical selection and choose music to suit your mood.

As it happens, the 1000th program to be downloaded was Ladies Of Jazz, prepared and presented by Dave Anthony, which aired on Sunday, May 15, at 12 noon.

We hope you continue enjoying the plethora of listening choices we’re making available for you, live on the air or via our podcasts.

If you missed that program, here’s the link so you can listen right now.

If you haven’t toyed with podcasts before, you can either listen to them directly on our various program pages, or take a look in your smartphone’s app store for a free podcast app.

Once you’ve loaded the app, use its inbuilt search function to search for 5mbs and click to “subscribe” to our programs. Subscribing does not cost anything; it’s simply a podcasting term that means each time there’s a new program available, it will automatically be added to your app.

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