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5MBS is an independent, volunteer organisation dedicated to broadcasting classical, jazz, blues, and world music on Adelaide radio and online.

We are passionate about fine music, and understand its power to move us and to
connect us as a community.

If you share the passion that our presenters do, that passion that makes you want to share your genuine love of music through broadly diverse programs of concert recordings, reviews and insightful discussion, donating to Radio 5mbs is a truly tangible way to support our efforts.

And it’s not just us. Radio 5mbs thinks it’s vital to promote and encourage local musical talent. That’s why we’ve committed to the Adelaide arts industry with outside-radio broadcast opportunities, artist promotion, and the recording and sharing of local concerts.

We are a community bound by music and if music be your food of love, please play on and leave your donation below.

Thank you.


Remember that all donations to 5mbs are tax-deductable. Please take the chance to make a donation now by clicking the DONATE button in the form below.

Thank you for helping us keep the music playing.

Donate to Radio 5mbs | Photo by Andrea Zanenga on Unsplash

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