Why Make a Bequest to 5mbs?

One of the strongest reasons to consider making a bequest to Radio 5mbs is that you have a passion to support our mission as an independent, volunteer organisation dedicated to broadcasting classical, jazz and blues music on Adelaide radio and online.

You understand that fine music has the power to move us and to connect us as a community bound by music.

Our presenters share their genuine love of music through broadly diverse programs of concert recordings, reviews and insightful discussion. We play historic greats alongside contemporary composers to craft a stimulating listening adventure.

We also think it’s vital to promote and encourage local musical talent. That’s why we’ve committed to the Adelaide arts industry with outside-radio broadcast opportunities, artist promotion, and the recording and sharing of local concerts.

However the cost of maintaining our radio station is substantial, which is why your consideration of a bequest is so important.

We can only continue to provide this unique service for lovers of Classical Music, Jazz, Blues, World Music — and all the other beautiful music we broadcast — with the support of subscribers and donors.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION look at the frequently asked questions, below, and always feel welcome to contact our Station Manager on (08) 8346 2324 or email

Bequests to 5mbs | Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash

Answering your questions about making a bequest to 5mbs

Most of our funding comes from our listeners who appreciate the service that we provide all day, every day. This support is vital to enable us to continue to play
classical, jazz and blues music for Adelaide’s fine music lovers and to support local music talent. Bequests help us continue to provide these valuable services.

All bequests are appreciated equally. Here are some bequest options to consider –

1. Lump sum : A stated amount of money, or property, or some other asset.

2. Percentage of your estate : A stated percentage of the total value of your estate.

3. Residual balance of your estate : The remainder of your estate after all expenses have been met and all other beneficiaries have received their inheritances.

4. Whole estate : The whole of your estate would be willed to 5mbs.

Unless you choose to remain anonymous, your bequest will be recognised on our website.

You should consult your solicitor or professional advisor. However, we recommend the following wording –

“I bequeath to the Music Broadcasting Society of South Australia (5mbs 99.9fm) for its general purposes (the whole) or (a specific sum or gift) or (the residue) or (a stated percentage) of my estate free of all duties, for which a receipt from the President or Treasurer or other authorised person shall be a full discharge to my executor”.

Yes, of course. However we prefer that you delegate this responsibility to our Board of Directors, who are all dedicated volunteers and whose duty it is to be aware of the
station’s needs, which will change from time to time.

An amendment, known as a codicil, can be made easily by your solicitor.

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