Thank you to all our 5mbs sponsors

Please support the following sponsors in any way you can, to thank them for choosing to sponsor Radio 5mbs. Our community bound by music is made possible, in part, by sponsors choosing us as a communication medium. 

If you would like to become a sponsor, take a look further down this page for details.

Our sponsors

Musica Viva | 5mbs sponsor

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At Radio 5mbs, we have a dedicated audience of listeners who “lean in” to listen to their much loved programs; they are active listeners.

This means that if you take out a 5mbs sponsorship package, you’ll be able to support the work of our community bound by music and encourage our community to support your enterprise in return.

Contact us directly and have a chat with our manager, who’ll be able to explore what options will work best for you.

A community radio station that is loyal to its sponsors, surely that must be music to your ears!

5mbs sponsorship will be music to your ears

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We have a fantastic team of members and volunteers at 5mbs, with many opportunities for more. Check out the various ways you can help support the passionate team at 5mbs

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