Air Play

Adelaide Festival

Festival Theatre

16th March


The title of this production really says it all. The hero of the performance and the thing that makes this work is air. Air Play is the creation of husband and wife team Christina Gelsone and Seth Bloom, who are the only performers. They make great use of an array of powerful fans, balloons of various sizes, expansive sheets of material, umbrellas and, of course, a lot of wind! Add to that a very healthy dose of humour and the result is a lot of fun. All of this without a word being said. The show appeals to children of all ages and by that include the many grown up children in the audience!

The two performers manipulate the various balloons and huge sheets with great skill and the effect was quite spectacular. From the opening with sheets billowing over the audience to both Christina and Seth inside two very large balloons bouncing around like madmen and finally, the snowy conclusion, the fast pace kept the audience enthralled throughout. Mention should also be made of their very unusual skill of Festival Theatre seat walking whilst chasing a rogue balloon or two. Very doubtful that this will be allowed again!

A show for kids of all ages.

Michael Prescott

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