Baroque Organ Concertos

Organ: Josh van Konkelenberg

Orchestra leader: Ben Dollman

Saturday 24th September

St Peter’s Cathedral.

Organist Josh van Konkelenberg gave the audience a program of music from two of the Baroque greats: Bach and Händel (both born in 1685), with two pieces from the younger French composer, Michel Corrette (1707-1795).

He featured the main cathedral organ with the Prelude and Fugue in E minor BWV548 by Johann Sebastien Bach, bookending the program by playing the Prelude and the start and the Fugue at the close of the concert.

The organ concertos by Corrette and Händel were all played on a small portative organ set between the orchestra members which clearly facilitated the communication between them and the soloist. It was a versatile and responsive instrument, which allowed van Konkelenberg to produce a wide range of sonorities and display the virtuosity of the writing and his playing most convincingly.

The orchestra performed two Concerti Grossi – Concerto Comique No. 25 by Corrette which they played with great gusto and obvious enjoyment, and Händel’s Op. 6, no. 4; an elegant example of his works of this type.

Rob Nairn (violone) wrote very informative program notes which would have added to the enjoyment of the audience.

In spite of the potential distraction of various sporting activities and glorious weather, the audience nearly filled the cathedral and the enthusiastic applause was an indication of the pleasure of having a concert like this to hear.

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