Bridge of Dreams

OzAsia Festival Her Majesty’s Theatre 27 October

Bridge of Dreams

Twenty two musicians from two countries, formed a metaphorical bridge in Her Majesty’s Theatre last night  a fantastic performance of virtuostic music. Sandy Evans directed this group who were united by a love of music and  respect for each other, so that it was an equal among equals.

The evening began with a tribute to Earth Mother, with singer Shuba Mudgel, dressed in red, seated regally centre stage, using her powerful voice to call, as it were. on the spirits of our earth. With the brilliant tabla players Aneesh Pradha and Bobby Singh, the bright sound of the Sirens Big Band team, all women, led by Jessica Dunn on a very mean double bass, and joined by Sansy Evans on saxaphone, the evening was set. 

Not only was the performance the result of two cultures coming together, but the music they played was the combined work of three composers, Shubla Mudgal, Sandy Evans and Aneesh Pradham. Some of the most exciting moments came when different instruments formed solo sets, almost duels  attempting to outdo one another in rhythm and harmonies, such as in the piece representing the three bridges which had brought these fantastic musicians together.

The space between two worlds was described as thrilling music where cultures collide. Rather than collide they combined in a joyous union and danced off into the sunset to the rhythm of the tabla, the siren song of the saxaphone and the haunting voice or Shubha Mudgal. 

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