Jesus, Jane Mother & Me

Here is a piece of theatre in which the script and performer are absolutely in harmony. Philip Stoke’s writing captures the essence of a troubled young man seeking to come to terms with his relationship with his mother. At times the writing is pithy and direct, at other times it moves seamlessly into poetry, but always reflecting the experiences and thoughts of the young man.

Jack Stokes, now aged nineteen, and in his first theatrical role, gives an amazing, compelling and virtuosic perfomance as Daniel Valentine.  He is mercurial, funny, over the top, never to the point of caricature; always with effect. From his first words he captures the audience, and holds them to the end. 

In an era where so much emphasis is being placed on the mental health and well being of young people, Daniel says it all.

The performance is enhanced by the set and lighting designed by Craig Lomas and sound design by Annie May Fletcher. 

It is not surprising that this performance won multiple awards at the Edinburgh Fringe, and top marks to Holden StreetTheatres for bringing this play to Adelaide. If you see nothing else during the Fringe, go and see this one. 

The Studio: Holden Street Theatre until 19 March.

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