Joseph & James Tawadros

Elder Hall, Daylight Express

6 March


Having completed two great performances with the Grigoryan brothers as Band of Brothers, the Tawadros brothers returned to the stage for this lunchtime concert.

Joseph yet again demonstrated his mastery of the instrument, although he was at pains to point out that he is not a master, as he is still learning. Accompanied by his percussionist brother on riqq and bendir, the duo covered a wide range of music’s from the bluegrass influenced “Bluegrass Nikriz” to the reflective “Permission To Evaporate”, a song honouring their parents.

Despite their relationship, their stage presentation could not be more different. Joseph’s witty repartee was in stark contrast to James seemingly emotionless demeanour, although it is hard to tell through his thick beard!

But more than anything, the music was sublime. Whether playing a slower piece or at breakneck speed, Joseph certainly is very impressive.

Although now living in London, Joseph’s connection to this country is apparent. One can only hope that he will continue to return here so we can enjoy the delights of the Tawadros Brothers again.

Michael Prescott

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