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Kaleidoscope is an Arts Magazine program designed to bring the music, drama and literature  in the Adelaide community, and wider afield, to 5mbs listeners.  It is presented by Emily Sutherland. and can be heard each Wednesday at 6.00pm with a repeat on Saturday 11.00am.or listen to the podcast.

This week’s Kaleidoscope contains all sorts of information. For instance, How to Kill you Husband, and other handy household hints. Then there is the in-depth analysis of Beethoven’s ailments, by a pathologist. Finally, all you needed to know about French Baroque – an essential conversation gambit at any social occasion.

Christie Anderson
Nescha Jelk

How to Kill your Husband and other handy hints

Christie Anderson, conductor and Nescha Jelk, director let you in to some the highlights of the cabaret opera How to Kill you Husbands. It’s a story of sex, love, murder and marriage. Sounds like a familiar plot, but this is no conventional opera by any account. For instance, the orchestra is called ‘the band’.

At the Don Dunstan Playhouse 10-12 June. Book tickets at premierticketek.com.au 

https://www.facebook.com.au.nescha jelk  

Dr Travis Brown talks about Beethoven


Travis Brown is fascinated by the history of medicine and diseases which killed famous people over the centuries. He turns his attention to Beethoven, who was not a well man, but who managed to compose sublime music. Was it therapy, or sheer determination?

Dr Travis Brown


Brendan O’Donnell plays recorder

The Adelaide Baroque Exploration Series.  Sweet

Sweet is the name of the concert and according to Brendan, the description of the music to be played.

This concert was cancelled last year due to Covid,  but you now have the chance to hear recorder virtuoso Brendan O’Donnell, together with harpsichordist Glenys March playing French Baroque music on Sunday 12 June at the North Adelaide Baptist Church, 154 Tynte Street, North Adelaide.


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