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Kaleidoscope is an Arts Magazine program designed to bring the music, drama and literature  in the Adelaide community, and from wider afield, to our listeners.  It is produced and presented by Emily Sutherland and can be heard each Wednesday at 6.00pm with a repeat on Saturday 11.00am. or Listen on Demand to Kaleidoscope by accessing 5mbs.com  

Resuming normal programs for 2023 we have two great interviews to begin the year.

Bryan Griffiths and Max Gilles.

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The 2023 Adelaide Hills Summer Festival of Fine Music is under the directorship of Brian Chatterton. Bryan Griffiths, horn player and conductor, talks in detail about one part of the festival when he conducts the wind players. They will present music by Dvorak, Stravinsky and Bruckner. Bryan brings some fascinating insights into the music chosen.

Bryan Griffiths conductor

Find full detais of the Adelaide Hills Summer Festival at brianchattertonspecialitymusic.com.au 

or ring 0409 695 952

Max Gilles playing at being a conductor

Max Gilles is a well known actor and satirist. In MONO he is joined by two other noted performers, John Wood and Emily Taheny, where they present a series of monologues, written by Angus FitzSimons. Max reveals that there is a great deal more to such performances than being funny, and each audience brings its own challenge. MONO sounds like an evening of excellent theatre.

MONO is at the Dunstan Theatre 1-5 February. 

Find out more at monoshowcom.au 

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