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Kaleidoscope is an Arts Magazine program designed to bring the music, drama and literature in the Adelaide community, and from wider afield, to listeners.  It is produced and presented by Emily Sutherland and can be heard each Wednesday at 6.00pm with a repeat on Saturday 11.00am. or Listen on Demand to Kaleidoscope by accessing 5mbs.com  then click Listen on Demand

News about the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra’s symphony concert on March31 and April 1 at the Town Hall begins the program this week with both Nicholas Braithwaite and Konstantin Shamray. Then news of the free Community Concerts, with Martin Butler, also by the ASO. Finally the soprano Mirusia is my guest, full of enthusiasm about her next concert in Adelaide.

Conductor Nicholas Braithwaite

Nicholas Braithwaite gives valuable insights into the next ASO’s concert, plus some great stories about music and musicians. After a lifetime as an international conductor he has a wealth of knowledge, and a great love of music. The concerts are at th Adelaide Town Hall. 31 March 7.30pm and 1 April 6.30pm.


aso.com.au  for tickets to the concert

Konstantin Shamray is the soloist in the Grieg Piano Concerto, to be played in the ASO concert. As an internationally acclaimed pianist he has much of value to say about the music he will play, and much besides. Always a great favourite in Adelaide.


Martin Butler, now retired from the ASO as a violist, has been presenting concerts in Community Centres on behalf of the ASO since 2016. With a small group of ASO string players he brings music that gives pleasure to people, many of whom would never go to a symphony concert. The concerts go from 21 to 24 March and all the details of the Community Centres and times are on the aso.com.au website. Best thing of all is the concerts are free!

Her latest album

Mirusia lives in Queensland but she has been coming to Adelaide for some years now, as she loves the audiences here. Her concert, Music from the Heart, at the Regal Theatre in Kensington is on the 25 March, 3.30pm and she will sing opera and musical theatre numbers plus some requests from the audience.

After the concert you can meet Mirusia, buy a cd, and even  buy a special bottle of the Songbird Mirusia wine.

Book at trybooking.


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