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Kaleidoscope is an Arts Magazine program designed to bring the music, drama and literature in the Adelaide community, and from wider afield, to listeners.  It is produced and presented by Emily Sutherland and can be heard each Wednesday at 6.00pm with a repeat on Saturday 11.00am. or Listen on Demand to Kaleidoscope by accessing 5mbs.com  then click Listen on Demand

With the dulcet sounds of the harpsichord, the majestic sound of the trumpet and the sweet sound the violin  and voice I bring you three musicians.

Meet Anne Whelan, Bryan Griffiths and Anna Freer on Kaleidoscope this week.

Harpsichord (ca. 1650). Flemish. Antwerp, Flemish. Accession number: 89.4.2363


Anne Whelan will be playing a beautiful harpsichord in the Baroque Hall, with a program of French music by Couperin (Luis and François) Duphly and d’Anglebert. 

The concert is on June 10 1.00pm   Book at baroquehall.com 


The Adelaide Wind Orchestra has a concert at Elder Hall featuring American and Australian music and including David Khafagi as trumpet soloist. 

Th conductor of the AWO, Bryan Griffiths.

Bryan talks about the music as well as about another event, the  Elder Conservatorium Australian Band and Orchestra Director’s Association and ECWO’s inaugural  Adelaide Wind Band Festival on June 3-4. 

All details at www.adelaidewindbandfestival.com.au 

For the concert in Elder Hall  on 16June 7.30pm check awo.com 


Anna Freer was in the studio at 5mbs to talk about her music and coming concerts.

She has just returned to Adelaide after two years music study in Zurich, after competing her music degree at Elder Conservatorium.

Anna  will give two concerts in the Baroque Hall, and one in Calvary Hospital (North Adelaide) chapel. 

She will be performing at the Baroque Hall on the 27 May 1.00pm and 8 June 7.00pm Check baroquehall.com   for details of the programs and tickets. The Calvary Chapel concert is on Sunday 28 May 12.30pm and this concert is to raise funds for the hospice. No ticket needed, but bring a donation.

Anna is both a violinist and singer and her concerts also include poetry and a four part vocal group singing renaissance music.

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