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Kaleidoscope is an Arts Magazine program designed to bring the music, drama and literature  in the Adelaide community, and wider afield, to 5mbs listeners.  It is presented by Emily Sutherland. and can be heard each Wednesday at 6.00pm with a repeat on Saturday 11.00am.or listen to the podcast.

Ever heard of invisible music? Listen to the CMA director, Janet Carey who explains the concept. If a king goes mad what happens to his kingdom? Angela Short, who is directing The Madness of King GeorgeIII for Adelaide Repertory, lets you in on that secret.

Did Betty Blue Eyes end up on the menu of a dinner celebrating the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, during the austerity years in Great Britain? Publicity Officer for Therry Society, Mark Rogers, refuses to confirm or deny that rumour (but he does hint).

Janet Carey Director of Chamber Music Adelaide

Chamber Music Adelaide launched a new commissioning project exploring the theme of invisibility through the 2022 exhibition at MOD. Five composers will have their work performed by Australian artists later in the year. Janet explains how this all will come to pass.


Therry Society Adelaide
Adelaide Repertory
Angela Sort From the Adelaide Repertory Company

Alan Bennet’s play The Madness of King George was a great success staged, and later adapted as a film. Angela, who is directing a large cast, a ‘team of 40 talented Adelaide creatives’ as she describes them is thrilled to be directing a play which is a slice of history but still relevant today.



Musical comedy now playing at The Arts Theatre Adelaide

Therry Society was invited to produce Betty Blue Eyes by Cameron Mackintosh, which is a feather in their cap. Set in post war Northern England it is a musical show, full of fun, foibles, great music and dancing, while the locals feud over a pig with bright blue eyes. Mark Rogers talks about the show in more detail.

It opens 2 June to 4 June then 8-11 June 7.30pm and two matinee Saturdays at 2.00pm.

Book at https://ww.try booking.com/BYYZG


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