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Kaleidoscope is an Arts Magazine program designed to bring the music, drama and literature in the Adelaide community, and from wider afield, to listeners.  It is produced and presented by Emily Sutherland and can be heard each Wednesday at 6.00pm with a repeat on Saturday 11.00am. or Listen on Demand to Kaleidoscope by accessing 5mbs.com  then click Listen on Demand then Kaleidoscope

More than a touch of Italy with Vincenzo Andreaocchio talking about his two shows: 

Duo Voci – Two Voices and Flamenco Neapolis – Cabaret.

The first is on 2 March ar 8.00pm and the Cabaret is on 15 and 16 March at 9.00pm.

The venues are St Barnabas Church  Croydon, and St Barnabas Church Hall Croydon (for the cabaret).

Vincenzo talks about  his music and love of flamenco as well as the music of Southern I. He will be joined by musicians including Franco Parella who is the other voice in Due Voci.

Staying with Italy, Robbie Cappuccio, with Nanni Calandro, has devised Once Upon a Time in Italy which explores the connection between the screen music and films in Italian films from the 50s to the 70s.  The show includes music by a sextet and has been devised after much research and exploration. At Nexus Arts on Saturday 24 February 7.00pm

Lou Blackwell  and the French Set will be back with Continental Drift  where they perform songs not only from France but other parts of the continent and even Brazil. On 24 February 7.30pm and 25 February 5,45 pm at Plant 4 Bowden Mezzanine.

For all lovers of good theatre, and Sherlock Holmes there is Sherlock Holmes- the Last Act, presented by Nigel Miles-Thomas at Goodwood Theatre from 17 February to 17 March but weekends only. A chance to see an Adelaide Fringe Premiere with an actor who has worked in films, BBC, toured the world and even acted with Placido Domingo in an opera!.

Tickets for all these shows can be bought at adelaidefringe.com.au

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