Mark Nadler “The Old Razzle Dazzle”

Cabaret Festival

Banquet Room 15 June


Mark Nadler returns to the Cabaret Festival after an absence of about ten years. Such was his impact all those years ago that many returned to catch another blast for the brilliance that is Mark Nadler. His return to the Banquet Room brought us “The Old Razzle Dazzle: an evening of Lies, Lying and Liars”.

This was not just about chronic liars, but about us all and how lies form part of life. Nadler brings life to the topic in an endless flow of songs backed by his rather remarkable vocals and piano playing. No, stunning pianistic virtuosity. I just felt for the poor piano. But more than this is the incredible energy he puts into the performance, he gives it everything, not to mention the sarcastic glares and a great slabs of humour.

As stated above it about all of us, including parents, as highlighted in a stream of songs such as “When You Wish Upon A Star”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and “Here Comes The Boogeyman”, pointing the finger at us as serial liars!

Love, of course, gets a belting, through “Ya Got Trouble” from The Music Man, “How Could You Believe Me When I Said I loved You?” and “Guess Who I Saw Today”, all delivered oh so convincingly. Special mention also for superb renditions of “The Great Pretender” and “Little Tin Box”, the latter including brilliant portrayals of witnesses in Court trying to explain their unexplained wealth.

Of course, the world’s current greatest liar gets his own special mention as he ended with the theme song, “Razzle Dazzle”

It is difficult to see that there could be another performer with just a piano and voice who could present such a compelling performance. It is simply impossible to take your eyes off this great artist.

Do not miss.

Michael Prescott

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