Milk Carton Kids

When Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengate decided in 2011 to join forces as folk singers their careers blossomed. Now named the Milk Carton Kids after one of their early songs, they have gone from strength to strength as an Indie Folk Duo. On the last night of their tour in Australia, as part of the Adelaide Guitar Festival, they charmed and won the large audience in Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Vera Sola, as part of the team, opened the show, with her rhythmic guitar, sassy lyrics and clear strong voice, and songs that included ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’.

The Milk Carton Kids then came on stage, praised Australia, talked of koalas being cuddly, how nice the theatre was, how much they have enjoyed being here, how great the Adelaide Guitar Festival was, and having wooed and won the audience proceeded to keep the romance alive with song.

Theirs is not a flashy presentation. Two men stand, facing each other, sharing a stand-up microphone, play acoustic guitars, and sing. It’s like Simon and Garfunkel wth a touch of Blue Grass, singing songs that reach the heart. Songs such as ‘I Only See the Moon’, from their latest album, to ‘Charlie’, a tribute to Pattengate;’s daughter and ‘When You’re Gone’

It was obvious that many in the audience knew the duo, knew their music and were thoroughly enjoying seeing them in person.  The encore ‘Will You Remember Me’ could have been answered with a resounding YES.

Vera Sola Photography Adelaide Guitar Festival 2023 Claudia Raschella

While so many shows depend not only on the quality of the performers but also on effects, lighting, video clips and many instruments, one woman and two men stood on stage and by their mastery of the guitar (and banjo at one stage) the songs they sang, and their humorous patter in between, provided a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying evening for the large audience.

Her Majesty’s Theatre

13 July   only performance  Adelaide Guitar Festival

Images by Claudia Raschella

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