Well written monologues can be used to poke fun at the idiosyncrasies of our society, and rendered even more effective as delivered by John Wood, Emily Taheney and Max Gillies. MONO is described by the writer/director as a Three-person One-man show, although the three work independently.

The show begins with a fraught Headmistress, (Emily Taheney) taking Assembly for Fourth Formers, who manage to see a smutty innuendo in almost every word she utters. Needless to say she gives out demerit points without drawing breath. There is more imbibing, and much snide laughter as she delivers her mother-in-law’s wedding speech, and earlier we meet her as someone who has studied the true path to mindfulness and has written the book to prove it.

John Wood is very funny as the bush poet, but excells as the policeman, giving his evidence, from his notes, in the Magistrates Court. It was almost too true to life, as my barrister friend remarked.

Max Gillies brings a little gravitas as an orchestra conductor, and later a minister delivering a sermon, and a visitor to the Art Gallery, as he ruminates on the paintings and his own life. But not too much gravitas! He has a gift of conveying so much by the lift of an eyebrow or a step in the right direction.

The final scene is surprising and hilarious;  a very fitting finale to a show which has been a showcase for three well known performers. 

A Bunbury Production at the Dunstan Theatre 1-5 February. Mono is certainly worth seeing.

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