Mourning Tea

Mourning Tea is now playing at the Dunstan Theatre. If you miss it you will have cause to mourn indeed. 

The story teller (Kim Lewis) works in a funeral parlour, so the subject of death, funerals and burial inevitably arise. These themes are put into perspective when treated with humour, friendship, romance, love, and subtlety. Enough said that much Perignon is drunk throughout.

Angus FitzSimons as both writer and director has created a very cleverly crafted narrative, in which the Grace’s story unfolds with never a word out of place.

 Kim Lewis, as Grace Stevens stands on a bare stage, her only props a lectern, a teacup, and her skill as an actor, which the best story tellers must be. In sharing her experiences with the audience, who enthusiastically lap it up, she brings a number of characters to life. I felt that I would know them if I met any of them in the street, whether it be Chip the Gardener (landscape artist, pardon) Mr Bebe the Director of the funeral parlour or Alan, Grace’s husband who had died five years ago to the day.

I will say no more for fear of spoiling the unfolding narrative for anyone else. Go and see it for yourself.

The Program Chain Letter Notice warns that, having seen the show, you must maintain the chain and tell three friends or six strangers. If not dire fate might befall you, as has happened to two patrons who broke the chain. 

I take no such risk! I am telling as many strangers and friends as I can.

MOURNING TEA at the Dunstan Theatre until February 5, a Bunbury Production, is a Romantic Comedy to Die For!

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