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I have been collecting music in a serious way since the mid 60s and still today find immense joy in most musical genres, but with a particular focus on blues.

In the early 1970s, I discovered ‘blues’ via Kim Bonython’s Saturday morning jazz program on the ABC. It was a once only special program of contemporary blues of the time which inspired me to commence the lifelong exploration of the blues genre, which I still continue today.

I was instrumental in starting two of Adelaide’s longest lasting blues programs, first in 1974 on the first Australian public radio station 5UV, later to become Radio Adelaide, and later in 1980 beginning ‘Blues Power’ on 5MMM the first public FM station in Adelaide, later to become today’s ThreeD Radio.

In the ensuing years I have been continuously broadcasting not only on Radio Adelaide, but also had a couple of short lived blues programmes on commercial FM in Adelaide on SAFM and later on X102.

I joined 5MBS in 2020 with a goal of presenting the best contemporary blues from all parts of the globe.

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