Pt Tejandra Narayan Majumdar & Dr Ambi Subramanian

Adelaide Festival

Daylight Express, Elder Hall

12th March


These amazing musicians were, just 20 hours earlier, playing to the crowds at Womad in stifling heat. And yet here in Elder Hall they looked fresh and ready to play. Majumdar is one of the masters of the sarod, while violinist Subramaniam is the son of Dr L Subramaniam, a great Indian classical violinist. It is interesting to note that now both father and son have played at Womad.

The leaders were supported by two brilliant percussionists, Tanmoy Bose on tabla and VV Ramana Murthy on mridangam.

The music combined two traditions, Hindustani, as represented by Majumdar and Carnatic from Subramaniam. The result was nothing short of wonderful. The long slow percussion less opening to the raga, with the two leaders’ improvisational skills to the fore, was a pure delight. The music went from serene and peaceful to frenetic before the two percussionists joined in.

From that point the music was of a different character, uplifting and engrossing. The incredible interplay between Bose and Murthy was mesmerising and powerful. When combined with Majundar and Subramanian the music was just spellbinding.

It is not that often that we in this state have the opportunity to hear live great Indian musicians, such as these. Thus, this was a special concert and one that gave highlight after highlight

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