Reform Michelle Brasier

This is a story, unfortunately, too familiar, the story told by Michelle Brasier in REFORM.

Buyer, beware! And women in particular, do not ignore red flags, waving in your face as you sign your money away. 

We are led skilfully  through the tale, based on her own experience, never quite losing the thread but introducing highways and byways, to keep the story alive.  Michelle is a dynamic performer, burning with energy and wit. Her two sidekicks, Tim Lancaster,  and Jordan White, who controls the technical and visual side of the show, are pivotal. Tim, in particular, as the hapless (or is he very cunning?) Jacob, plays his role convincingly,  By the end we are left with the question that began the show – should we follow our baser instincts, meet perfidy with aggression, or should we look to our nicer side and show empathy and kindness to those who hurt us? 

If this makes the show sound like a morality play, it most certainly is not. It’s great fun, a laugh a minute, while still engaging the audience who become totally caught up in the situation.

There are songs (it is Cabaret after all). There is a happy ending of sorts. But most importantly, it is a great show.

This was the only Adelaide performance, but if you get a chance to catch it elsewhere, do so. And if you go to the next Edinburgh Fringe, that might  be your best opportunity.

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