Russell Morris


17th March


Some stars from the past end up performing their hit(s) endlessly repeating them as faithfully as possible. But the talented ones go much further and continue to add to their legacy by evolving and adapting to the changing times.

Russell Morris definitely falls into the latter category. Whilst more than acknowledging his past glories he has forged a more recent career with some of his best work. On this occasion he and his excellent band demonstrated this admirably. There was a very healthy dose of songs from recent albums, most notably “Sharkmouth”, “Van Diemen’s Land” and the more recent joint project with Rick Springfield,  “Jack Chrome And The Darkness Walt”. These are classy songs.

These were mixed in with, of course, the hits, including “Rachel”, “Sweet Sweet Love”, “Wings Of An Eagle”, “Part Three Into Paper Walls” and, naturally, “The Real Thing”. These songs were influenced by the sound of the recent material and all the better for it in a live setting. The result was that all the songs fitted together so well, making for a fabulous night.

Michael Prescott


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