ScoMo’s Sunday Service

ScoMo’s Sunday Service 5MBS review Michael Prescott


Like a parody with a very large dose of satire, not to mention a big slab of comedy, oh and a lot of politics? Then here’s the show for you.

George  Glass return with this fast paced two man show with Nic Conway gracing the boards in multiple roles from Hillsong minister to Jenny Morrison plus roles as a bored Video Ezy clerk, an angel and a piece of poo to conclude!!

This is, of course a very irreverent look at Australian politics, focussing, as is obvious from the title, on SchMo . In the course of telling the story of an alleged “incident” many years ago, George Glass manage to touch on just about every controversy that has occurred during SchMo’s tenure at the Lodge. Robodebt, honesty, borders, you name it, the script covers it!

It is, of course, very silly and that is the point of the performance. It’s not intended to make any particular point or express any viewpoint, just a very humorous take on contemporary politics and to this end the show definitely succeeds. The lo-fi presentation actually suits this type of comedy, with homemade props and costumes.

Great fun.

Michael Prescott

ARTHUR ARTBAR @ West Village

24th February


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