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Her Majesty’s Theatre 21 and 22 October

The opening event at this year’s OzAsian Festival, SNAP, was an amazing spectacle of mime, magic, and make-believe, performed by a troupe of South Korean artists who have already taken the world by storm. 

The show began with the three tricksters,  HunKi Min, SunWoo Kim and YeongMin Lee, with magic tricks and clowning. Then, through the magic door they led us to a world of illusion, wherein was further magic was created by the Dreamer,Tae Won Kim, the Juggler, YoungJu Kim and the Alchemist YoungMin.

The seeming simplicity of their art is deceptive. Behind the antics, magic tricks, juggling and acrobats lay years of training and practice, years of refining the skills and timing so that the show could flow from tomfoolery, to the excitement of the hidden door, illusion and wonder and beauty. 

The audience loved the performance which was reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau, and legendary famous magicians, who have delighted audiences in the past. Add technical advances to a traditional magic show, clever characterisation and variety,  and you have a brilliant opening to the OzAsia Festival.

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