Spectrums Of Sound

Guitar Festival

Dunstan Playhouse

23 July 2022

This was very much a concert of two contrasting halves.

The opening set, featuring Cameron Deyell on guitars, Laurence Pike on percussion, samplers and Jasper Leak on keyboards, featured their new album, “Isola”. Original is certainly is. Propelled by Pike’s volcanic drumming and judicious use of samplers, Deyell added sparse, almost minimal 6 and 12 string guitars, whilst Leak’s contributions were equally subtle but vital to the music. There is no doubt, however, that Pike’s presence was the focus of the trio with his emphasis on colour and sheer power rather than beat and proved essential to overall sound, or should that read soundscapes.

The second half could have hardly been more different, Out Of Sinc delivering a set of jazz influenced originals with a very liberal dose of funk and rock. The band, led by versatile bassist Nick Sinclair and brilliant local guitarist, James Muller, presented a more conventional take, with heavy drums aimed squarely at keeping the beat, and more recognizable song forms.  Sinclair was particularly impressive on bass, moving from funk, jazz through to slap with ease whilst the ever-reserved Muller delivered a string of brilliant solos. This is a band that could achieve much, we can only hope that they continue and record.

Michael Prescott

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