The Black Sorrows “Saint Georges Road”

Guitar Festival

Dunstan Playhouse

15 July 2022

This sold-out show opened with a seated Queenslander Lecia Louise solo with a guitar and a lot of pedals! She used them to great effect, being able to conjure up complete songs with percussion, bass and rhythm guitar before adding vocals and lead guitar on top. Her obvious guitar skills matched her classy songs, however the constant use of pedals required her to remain seated apart when soloing when she cut an imposing presence.

The second half saw The Black Sorrows hit the stage with front man Joe Camilleri in fine form. Performing a mix of songs from the current album “Saint Georges Road” and his extensive back catalogue, the band proved that many years of playing has created a powerhouse show. There is a very good reason to see a band as seasoned as The Black Sorrows, aside from the great songs brilliantly performed. They were all clearly having such a great time and this obvious enjoyment spilled over into the audience, taking the show to another level.

Toward the end of the set Lecia Louise joined the band to add her lead and slide guitar and whilst she further demonstrated her talents it did mean that we did not hear enough of the Sorrows brilliant guitarist, Claude Carranza.

The addition to some Camilleri classics, including “Hold On To Me”, “Harley And Rose” and a blistering finale of “The Shape I’m In” balanced perfectly with the great newer material.

Great show.

Michael Prescott

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