Thomas Voss Big Band – Enne R Project

UNESCO International Jazz Day

Dunstan Playhouse 30 April

This is the 13th UNESCO International Jazz Day and Adelaide celebrated the event with the closing performance of The Adelaide Jazz Festival with this performance featuring two of Adelaide’s many jazz artists.

This was a concert of two halves. The first featured Enne R Project, led by bassist Enne R, winner of last year’s COMA Emerging Artists Award. The bassist led the seven-piece band through a series of compositions which reflected a wide range of styles. The performance featured outstanding contributions from Emile Ryjoch on tenor sax, drummer Zed Crawford and trombonist Alex Taylor.

ENNE R is an emerging talent to look out for in the future.

The second half was dedicated to the big band and here it was the Thomas Voss Big Band in full swing. There is no doubt that this is one hell of a band and one that should be far better known, not only for Voss’s own fine compositions and the excellent musicianship of the band, but also the sheer enjoyment they deliver.

Voss led the 18-piece band with confidence and flair adding excellent solos from his trombone, supported by Ben Finnis on guitar, Dave McEvoy on piano, Harrison Smith on trumpet and some powerful sax solos, particularly from Lachlan McGargill.

Voss is a fine composer, with the evenings highlight being an emotional “Ghost Town”, a pean to the loss of wildlife that has left the countryside almost empty.

There are many very talented jazz musicians in Adelaide who do not have enough opportunities to shine in the spotlight. This was one such occasion and may there be many more.

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