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Tallulah Bankhead is the Femme Fatale against which all other femme fatales are judged. Even in her later years, after she became better known for her outrageous behaviour than her stage craft, she was a woman to be reckoned with.…

Jesus, Jane Mother & Me

Here is a piece of theatre in which the script and performer are absolutely in harmony. Philip Stoke’s writing captures the essence of a troubled young man seeking to come to terms with his relationship with his mother. At times…

Kaleidoscope Arts Magazine

Kaleidoscope is an Arts Magazine program designed to bring the music, drama and literature in the Adelaide community, and from wider afield, to our listeners.  It is produced and presented by Emily Sutherland and can be heard each Wednesday at…


TERROR Red Phoenix Theatre and Holden Street TheatresOctober 20-29Have you ever thought that doing jury duty would be an interesting experience, where the facts of the case would clearly indicate the correct verdict? You may not think that ever again…

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